Auzentech X-Meridian + Corsair SP2500

Hi, im thinking of buying these

X-Meridian High Definition
Corsair SP2500

Does anyone here have this sound card, id like to know if it has "line in" in the PLAYBACK controls, i connect my ps3 to this port on my onboard audio and can use front panel mic at the same time, i need a sound card that does this. And if you have any thoughts on the sound card in general.

Pretty much all reviews of the corsair speakers ive seen are all saying they are amazing speakers, does anyone have or had these and have any opinions if they are worth it or not?

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  1. No consumer grade sound card can handle two input or output streams at the same time. You can do it using two audio devices, but even then, this requires you have the option within a given application to manually set a input/output device besides the one set as the Windows default.
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