Corrupted BIOS (P8H67M-PRO)


Yesterday I downloaded the latest BIOS update for my motherboard (P8H67M-PRO) from the ASUS website, copied the .ROM to a USB drive and updated with the EZ flash 2 utility. However soon after I started getting trouble; this despite having got a message that the update was successful.
I think I've figured out the reason: my USB drive was formatted using NTFS instead of FAT32.

The system refuses to boot from the hard drive after the BIOS screen has finished displaying. I just get the windows logo and the HDD led indicates that it isn't spinning. The HDD itself is ok; this I've already confirmed. (I can also no longer access the EZ flash 2 utility from within the BIOS).

Can still boot from DVD and USB drive. I tried fixing the BIOS with the ASUS bupdater utilility (copied to a USB drive, this time formatted using FAT32) but seems like it isn't doing anything, probably because considers the ROM file identical to what's already on the chip. The utility also refuses to revert to an older BIOS.

Is there any utility around that will let me force erase the BIOS and use whatever version I want? I saw this post but it dates back to 2006 so I thought it would be better to ask in case I screw up something else.
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  1. I don't think it's a problem with the bios. Obviously it doesn't refuse to boot from the hdd, because you wouldn't see the win logo in this case. Did you try to boot in save mode? Did you try to reset the bios th default?
  2. Yes I did try resetting to default; that didn't change anything. What's happening is that I get stuck at the windows logo. I cannot boot from a windows DVD since it must copy some files to the hard drive when starting up. And if it's not the bios what explains the black screen when I try to start the EZ flash 2 utility? Cannot boot into safe mode either.
    I can however boot from DVD and access files on a USB drive this is what I did earlier when using Bupdate.
  3. Have you managed to resolve the issue?
  4. Yes I have! Luckily :) And here is the solution.

    I used these tools to roll my bios back to the one on the ASUS support DVD. Am writing this from that same PC.

    Too bad I can't mark this as best answer since it's my own thread.
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