HD 5570 DDR3 vs GT 240 DDR3

I was worried about my graphics card . i am little confused among the HD 5570 and the GT 240 , both ddr3 versions with 1GB of VRAM .
So which one should i go for ?
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  1. They are on the same tier of the monthly Best Graphics Cards for the Money article. If you are going to play games, check benchmarks to see if your title(s) favor nVidia or ATi.
  2. i would say hd 5570 is better
  3. But GT 240 gives a little bit more FPS in almost all games .
  4. have you tried it.
  5. No no . I saw the benchmark results . I have placed an order for 5570 . Hope it does good . I only need it for 1024x768 resolution , so i think it would run all the games at playable FPS . But i think my pentium 4 processor would limit me from extreme performance .
    Thanks for your reply , appreciate your support .
  6. the gt240 is more powerful. neither cards are good for recent games. and yes its pointless with a pentium 4 (assuming yours is a single core CPU).
  7. Yeah thank you all . But i needed it for just casual gaming because a Hardcore system would ruin my studies further :D .
    Anyways i have ordered HD 5570 because it was cheaper .
    I think i would buy a monster in coming year or in 13 .
  8. yes 5570 is not a bad choice at all!
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