copy the whole hd to a new hd

What is the command to copy everything on my old hard disk to my new hard disk thus making my window boot from the new hard disk.

If i cut n paste the whole hard disk,i'm afraid that i may loose out some hidden file or some file that have denied access.

please advise.thank you.
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  1. Thier is no DOS command that will copy everything. DOS is a mess for copying. As for the Copy and Paste, Windows won't copy everything, because some of the files it needs to copy will be in use by Windows, and it will not copy them all. The best thing is Norton Ghost. Another option though is to hook up the drive you want to copy as well as the target disk on another machine, and then the Copy and Paste will work since none of the files on the source disk are in use.
  2. there is a DOS command that will do it if ran from Windows..

    xcopy32 C:\*.* D:\*.* /s/c/h/e/r/k

    Use respective drive letters. Run only from windows in a dos box (non MS-DOS mode). Don't use xcopy use xcopy32.

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  3. As someone mentioned in another thread, you probably want to use something like Norton Ghost. If this is personal usage, I don't recommend paying $70 for a copy of ghost. I'd get a trial version of ghost or a similar program like ImageCast IC3 and see if that can help you before you buy.
  4. THe dos xcopy command makes a mess of file names. The nt xcopy command is much better, but you can't run it here.

    I use partition magic and it works great except for a few problems with the new ata100 controllers. Better run it on the ordinary ide controllers if you can.
  5. xcopy32 (32 bit thus like NT) does not make a mess of filenames in Win9X/ME.. yes if you run xcopy in any way or even xcopy32 in a DOS 16 bit evironment for copying windows will have the potential to mess up long file names.

    But don't tell me xcopy32 doesn't work as I've done it too many times to count..

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  6. why not try drive image pro 4.0, is a snap for copying data
    through hard drive to hard drive
  7. from a dos box (not pure dos, it won't work)xcopy32 /s/e/r/c/h c:\ d:\
    after the copy swap the drives, boot up with a win98 startup disk and use fdisk to make the new drive partition active. Make sure all of your programs are closed except for explorer and xcopy32 will copy everything but the win386.swp (your swap file). Quicker, easier and cheaper than any cloning software.

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  8. get ghost or drive image. don't copy the stuff over. it will be a mess. With either after your copy to the new HDD you can make an image of the HDD to one file and then if you need to re-install Windows you can just "re-image" it instead of installing again. It is much easier that way.

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  9. dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb

    If your using a REAL operating system of course :-)

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  10. You can get software for FREE from your hard drive vender! Max blast for Maxtor, Disk Tools for WD, Ontrack for Seagate, etc, all downloadable from the manufacturers websites and runs from a bootable floppy!

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  11. I got a CD for 7$ with Norton Ghost, Anti-Virus and virtual drive from my local store, they were giveing them away free to anyone that bought a soyo MB, and they had some extra's. Best 7 bucks i ever spent> Ghost is the way to go....
  12. But for those of you who want a FREE program that runs from a bootable floppy instead of Windows, get it from the drive manufacturer (either drive if they are from different manufacturers).

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  13. You can also use the backup tools that came with the OS and backup everything including registry and restore into a new HD. It work for me when my old HD had bad sector.
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