Computer not posting mobo compatibility issues, bios update

just finished a new build and the mobo wont post it comes up with an AF Qcode (p9x79pro mobo) i tested the ram and its good, i did some research and people have been having this problem with this cpu mobo combo (i7 3820 cpu) im trying to flash the bios useing the .cap file with the usb flashback but the best i can do is get it to flash 3 seconds and stable which means something is wrong with the file or something but ive checked it a BILLION times and yes the usb is formatted to fat32 etc i have also cleared the cmos inbetween flash attempts, honestly i am out of ideas ;-;
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  1. Have you renamed the BIOS file? Is the USB stick inserted in the Flashback USB port?
  2. i renamed the bios file to (P9X79PRO.CAP) and yes it is
  3. What's the BIOS version (last 4 digits on a barcode sticker on the board)? You might need using the BIOS converter.
  4. 0802 and i did think that maybe i had to do this but i was unsure how to go about it
  5. There's a manual at the ASUS Download page.
    But if you update to 0906, there's no need for the converter.
    0906 does support the CPU.
  6. thankyou, probs could have just googled it but i have been trying to fix this for the last 4 hours and was just sick of it i'll try the 906 version i think
    and il convert later if i feel the need
  7. just to be sure that is the correct update file yes?
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  9. THANKYOU so much just got it to post i was probably around the corner from figuring it out but you helped a lot so thankful
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