Cheap Motherboard to Overclock i5 3570k well?

Hi, I am looking for a cheap motherboard to overclock the i5 3570k well. The highest price I can go is £80 so if there is a good one for lower price than £80 I would be happy.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Get a ASRock z77 extreme 4. It may be a little over your budget but it is great for overclocking.
  2. Yeah that's a little too expensive know anything cheaper?
  3. It is better you provide me a website like newegg that is available in your country.
    Any of those are good
  5. AsRock Z77 Pro3 or Extreme3
  6. Is that better than the AsRock Z77 Pro4 because thats in price range?
  7. Pro4 is better but very little difference, and the pro3 is $20 cheaper. The second one you listed has bad reviews on newegg, always buy products with 4+ eggs. I personally own the Pro3 and like it, as long as you don't crossfire.
  8. Well I am planning to crossfire later on when I have enough money probably in a year and I'd prefer not to have to change motherboard so I think I'll get the pro4
  9. don't get pro4 if you're crossfiring, the entire pro line only has one pcie 3.0 x16, so the performance will take a hit when using the slower slot. Get something from the Extreme series like extreme3 or extreme4, depending on budget.
  10. Could you link me to an extreme3 please
  11. Would this be good?
    I couldn't find extreme3 at a good enough price and this one has 2 pcie 3.0 x16.
  12. I suppose, never used one before though. look at some review online to check
  13. Mexican Superman said:
    Would this be good?
    I couldn't find extreme3 at a good enough price and this one has 2 pcie 3.0 x16.

    This one has 2 pcie x16 slots but when you plug two graphics cards in those slots the slots will work at x8 speeds. This is the problem with all low cost motherboard. Both the slots share the same bandwidth.
    That is not a bad motherboard, but MSI motherboard have been receiving a lot of complains lately.
    I won't say MSI is bad based on what people are saying until I find something wrong with it myself or find bad reviews from several reputed reviewers.
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