Temps were good, then shot up 10c!

I have a stock setup for my i7 2600k. Yesterday, I bought some AS 5 thermal paste and applied it to the cpu/heatsink. My temps were originally 35c @ idle, then, after I applied the paste, were at 29-30c. A few hours late, the temps shot up to 40c. Since then, I've removed the paste, reapplied it two different times. Both times I'm getting temps still hovering at 39-40c. What's the deal? It was running perfectly fine before.

I just bought a Hyper 212 today and will be starting to use that. I feel it's just a crappy connection between the cpu/heatsink considering stock intel cooler has those crappy push-pin connectors.

The weird thing is even at load it's not going above 46c. I have a dual monitor display and kept the temps on the second monitor while playing Oblivion.
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  1. i have has a similar issue with my phenom II

    still to try reseating myself
  2. Hopefully the new heatsink will fix the issue. I'll report back when I have it setup. Supposed to be here Thursday. - I'm fearing, however, that I'll struggle with clearance from my RAM.
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