Phenom II x4 965 stock voltages and temps - What should they Be?

Evening Peeps

Just installed a Phenom II 965 with my Hyper 212 evo and the idle temp is 31 deg which at first thought is a bit high. I THINK i used enough paste and used Arctic MX-4.

My old phenom 9650 was 22 deg idle, and i would expect it to be a little higher due to the faster speed.

Now i had a quick look at the voltage and from what i can remember ( it was a quick look ) and it seems to be 1.4v. The Bios settings are all at default as i dont plan to OC.

Shouldn't this voltage be a little lower than that, which i turn will reduce my temps.

Had a good search and from what i gather it should be 25deg on a stock cooler and even less on a 212. The voltage should be lower as well.

Can anyone please advise Thanks.

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  1. Checked the voltage when i got home and it was 1.475 stock.

    Put the voltage down to 1.375 and the temp dropped to 26 deg. Result.


    Its now idling at 38deg, Ran prime for 5 mins and temp got to 50deg

    Been checking youtube for applying cpu paste and it looks like i have done it right.

    not sure now. Might have to reseat the heatsink anyways
  2. Been sitting with this for a few days and while playing Skyrim, it barely hits 41% and that is pretty good for me.

    Might have some headroom for a mild OC.
  3. Yes its a 965BE C3 stepping

    Everything is at auto apart from the voltage and the multiplier.

    Rasied the multiplier 1 step and its now at 3.6GHz running the same temp.

    Been trawling the interwebz and 30 degs seems normal for this CPU.

    Think i was expecting a bit less for having a hyper 212 evo cooler.
  4. That's good.

    What cooler are you using and how does it compare to a Hyper 212 Evo?
  5. Interesting....

    Looks like my heatsink could do with a re-seat. might help it.

    My case is ok and the air flow is good >

    i added another 120mm fan in the side for my GPU.

    Might even add another fan on the heatsink for a push - pull
  6. cheers

    Think i didn't add enough TBH.

    aware that less is more when it comes to paste.
  7. Well this morning i re-seated my cooler and nothing changed with the temps, still idling at 31deg.

    Felt a bit brave so i pushed my multiplier to 19 and adjusted my voltage to 1.4V and now my CPU is running at 3.8GHz with idle temps of 33deg.

    Not bad.

    Might just leave it at that and sit back and feel happy with myself.
  8. Played skyrim with it on 3.8 and it BSODed

    Put it back to 3.6 and its ok.

    I put the voltage down to keep the temp down. But tempted to put it up to 1.425 for a stable 3.8.

    What's your voltage at when its at auto?
  9. Thanks for all the help.

    Might put the voltage to auto and put the multiplier up.

    Whats your thoughts on using Cool & Quiet?
  10. Might do them both as well to help the OCing.

    Again Thanks.
  11. Well i done as you advised and set the voltage to auto and put the multiplier up and now my rig is at 3.8Ghz.

    I also put on Cool and Quiet and C1E.

    Running fine without issue, no BSOD and temps are the same as before.


    And Thanks again.
  12. which cpu is better for gaming,phenom ii x4 965 or fx-x6 6100??
  13. zihero5127 said:
    which cpu is better for gaming,phenom ii x4 965 or fx-x6 6100??

    From what i know, a phenom would be better as no games utilise 6 cores.

    You can push a phenom to 4Ghz so that would be better, i my eyes at least.
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