New Build, tell me what i'm doing wrong.

Looking for some feedback

i7 2600k
Nvidia 560 ti 2gb
1155 z68 chipset mobo with 6bs
650w psu
12gigs 9-9-9-24 3x4gig 1600
120gig SSD

Mostly for MMOs and the occasional shooter.
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  1. No reason for 12 GB ram, you'll loose dual-channel (not that it makes a huge difference) capabilities. Make sure you stick with pairs of 2. If 8GB (2x4) isn't enough jump to 16 (4x4).

    Also if you're not big into production software you might consider the i5-2500k as the only difference is hyperthreading which provides no benefit to gaming.
  2. I too think 16 is a lot. I'd get no more than 8 unless you run apps that need it. The 2600k............ 4cores-8threads....... 2500 4/4........ I'd stick with the 26.

    what did you think was wrong with it ?
  3. If you want to run triple channel 3x 4GBs you have to get an x58 board, not a Z68 one.

    I don't normally suggest people get more than 8, but if someone was getting a triple channel board I would definitely suggest they spring for 3x 4GBs to put in it. Crucial brand from the same pack and on the QVL too, but that is obvious stuff.

    Otherwise I don't really see any large problems.

    It would be nice if you could provide specific part numbers rather than vague references because not every part with the same stats is equal.

    A 650w PSU from a bad brand may really only be able to give 300w whereas a 650w from a good brand (like my XFX) may be able to break 750w without breaking itself in the process.

    PSUs and RAM are probably the two biggest problem items in today's computers and care as well as complete understanding (or the advice of someone with it) should always go along with purchases of those two part types.
  4. If gaming is your priority, then with the same money you can get a more powerful system.
    Replace 2600k with 2500k
    Replace 3x4gb with 2x4gb (cant do triple channel with lga 1155 boards)
    Replace gtx560 ti 2gb with gtx570 (a superclocked or PE one)

    This system will run games at 15-20% average better frames than the one you wrote in the begining, while using the same money.

    Oh and about the psu. Buy a good one like Corsair (actually any branded, but despite the fact i prefer their products, lately they won the best psus and memory of the year) with 650+ watt.
  5. Unless you have a reason to get that i7-2600K (and by reason I don't mean "because I want to go fast") then get the i5-2500K. Take the money that you've saved and upgrade the graphics card or get a really good case.
  6. At this very moment considering only the games on the market right now, the 2500k is all anyone really needs to get for gaming purposes.

    However, it isn't 100% future proofed. If at some point the game makers create a game that can use more than 4 threads the i7s would surge ahead of the 2500ks in performance.

    That time may not happen until such a time as it is time to throw the 2500k in the trash bin anyway, there is no way to know that ahead of time. It is also possible that such a game is going to be released quite soon and then all the 2500k owners are sad about it.

    Anyway, I normally suggest to live in the moment and on that basis I wouldn't advise people to avoid the 2500k in favor of the i7s, I just wanted to point that out.

    For games that exist right now, a "worse" processor and better video card will likely perform better than a better processor and a worse video card.

    That being said, the way games have been going lately it is to increase the demand on the processor more than they increase the demand on the video cards (AA in particular punishes weak processors a lot). Just sayin.
  7. i didn't read but the beginning of raiddins first post. guess he doesn't know they are 2 different platforms ( triple channel x58 vs z68. pay attention to what you read and disregard his info.... IMO.
  8. swifty_morgan said:
    i didn't read but the beginning of raiddins first post. guess he doesn't know they are 2 different platforms ( triple channel x58 vs z68. pay attention to what you read and disregard his info.... IMO.

    Every z68 board I have ever seen was dual channel. Every x58 board I have ever seen is triple channel.

    I don't know where your disconnect is, but its pretty clear that if they want 3x 4GBs in triple channel they will have to go with x58 like I said.

    It would require getting a 1366 processor instead of an 1155, but nobody was really talking about that were they?

    If the OP wants to go with 2500k + 1155 motherboard, then they should use either 2x 4gb RAM or 4x 4GB ram to make optimal use of the dual channel architecture.
    If they want to go with 3x 4gb triple channel they will need to have a 1366 motherboard and processor.

    Really, if you aren't going to read things then just don't reply to things.
  9. didn't want you to confuse the OP who already has items listed. why would you suggest something not connected to what he wanted to purchase.
  10. The OP clearly has 3x 4GB listed in his OP.

    What I have been trying to say this whole time is that either the RAM should change or the board + processor should change.

    I don't really care which one, but one of them ideally should.
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