Motherboard Compatible With Ram Speeds of 2400mz And Beyond

I plan on building a new gaming pc in the near future, based around the (to be released) gtx 780/790. I have so far picked out the ram that I want and the Video card (pretty much) that I want.

This is my chosen Ram:
Kingston Technology XMP Beast Series 16GB 2400MHz DDR3 CL11 DIMM Desktop Memory Module.
Link to amazon:

It is very cheap right now on Amazon. But now I'm not sure which motherboard to purchase. As you can see by now this system is going to be a quite expensive, so I want to try to save money where possible. What motherboard would be suitable for Ram running at 2400mz or above? It should also be Sli ready. And what CPU would work well with this setup? I don't plan on spending this type of money on a PC again anytime soon, so I would like to purchase reliable, yet reasonably priced hardware.

Thank you in advance.
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    Doesnt seem to matter enough to justify the cost. 8gb of 1600 1.5v would be fine.
  2. I suppose. But the 8bg variants were only £30 cheaper and I actually need quite a lot of ram anyway, because my job involves creating and testing complex mathematical models such as rotating black holes and galaxy mergers, I doubt that even 16 gb is going to be enough.
  3. Well then get it :). Cant tell u specifically which mobos support that but think most z77s do. Anything above 1.5v 1600 is out of spec for ivy, not sure about sandy.
  4. Thanks for the information :)
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