A quick question about SLI GTX460s

I am thinking about SLI-ing two Galaxy GTX460s (768mb) to help bump FPS in BF3. I have a 500W Antec 80+ Earthwatts PSU. Will that be enough? I am also running three SATA drives, a dvd drive, i7-2600k, and a wifi card.

Link to PSU:
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    I wouldn't crossfire the 768 MB version if i were you, and i would get a single high end GPU such as the GTX 570.
    and no, the 500W PSU is not sufficient for the SLI, the GTX 460 768 consumes 250W @ full load.
  2. ok thanks for the quick reply
  3. welcome, anytime.
  4. Ok one last question - if I were to get another 460 (cheaper than one 570) what would be a good PSU to shoot for? Anything under $50?
  5. I'm not sure about the $50, if you get a high wattage cheap PSU, would be dangerous for your system.
    Antec EW 650W ($65)
  6. I paid $30 for the Antec EW 500 so I'm sure I can find a good deal on the 650W.
  7. so, good luck
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