Will I have any trouble with the front panel? (with new mobo)

Hi, I'm trying to replace a blown motherboard from my HP computer.

I've already replaced my psu, got ddr3 ram, and picked out a i5 3570k.

Now I'm trying to get this motherboard.

I'm re-using my HP case which has 2 USB 2.0 Front Panel IO ports, 2 audio and mic jacks. I'm wondering whether the power button pins from my HP case would work with the new motherboard.

Here's my old motherboard;

Would it work? Are the pinouts the same?
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    You can find the pinout in the manual
    Compare it with the old board.
  2. OK I've compared the pinouts and they are exactly the same :D.

    I won't have trouble with the wires right? I heard something about HP using prioparitory cables or something.
  3. Since they are the same... Can you identify the wires on the HP connector (which wires go to the power switch, which to reset a.s.o.)?
  4. What do you mean? I can identify which one is which on the board, using the manual. Don't all the pins come all taped together in the wire?
  5. Then it's OK. I wasn't sure you had the pinout for the HP board.
  6. yeah I've seen it on some other board, so im trusting them.
    but I do know for a fact(on the HP website), that nettle3 power pins are 9 pin, with 1 reserved. So yeah most likely it'd be the same.

    One question what is JFP2 and is it necessary?
  7. It's used for the case speaker (buzzer) and for the suspend led.
  8. alexoiu said:
    It's used for the case speaker (buzzer) and for the suspend led.

    So then I guess it's not necessary? On this picture

    do you see it?
  9. It is necessary, if you want to attach a buzzer to the motherboard.
  10. Ok, I guess that would be good for troubleshooting purposes.
    But it won't stop the computer from booting at all correct?
  11. Correct. The board would start just fine with no wires connected to the JFP2 header.
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  13. Thanks for the help!
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