I'm looking for a graphics card. need help.

I'm trying to setup a dual montior (Hpw1858) but i'm unable to use DVI cause I need an graphics card.

My power supply is : bestec atx 250 12z
My processor is : AMD Sempron 140
My current graphics card i believe its built in but its called Nvidia GeForce 6150SE nForce 430
Motherboard : PEGATRON CORPORATION Model – 2A99

I need an Graphics card for Dual monitors. I'm looking for a price budget around $50- 100

If anyone can help. Greatest Thanks.
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  1. Pick one.

    edit - though I told it to only list cards with 2 dvi ports I see some with only 1 so please make sure it has 2 before you buy.
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    You only have a 250W power supply. Most cards are going to recommend at least a 300W power supply and up, so that also a consideration. If you click on any of those video cards at newegg and then look at the details, most will list their minimum recommended power supply.

  3. Thank you so much! i've found exactly what i'm looking for.
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