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I am currently trying to build a new system for a friend. Right now I have it breadboarded, with all fans spinning and no video output from my GPU. I originally thought it was a mobo and CPU problem and purchased a new CPU and mobo last night, but was still getting the same problem. I checked both the ram and the GPU in my personal computer and the both checked out fine. I also tested out two different PSU's(a 650w and an 850w) with the same results. Also used two different HDMI cables with either a mini - hdmi and dvi-hdmi adapters with no change. The only thing I have yet to check is the monitor, but it is also my previous monitor I was using last month and it worked fine, and screen seems to be working correctly. Specs:
CPU: AMD Athlon 2 x4 A631
MB: Gigabyte A55M-DS2
RAM: Patriot 4GB x2 1333 DDR3
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 460 SE 1GB GDDR5
Case: E-Machines w3650 re-use
Drives: Lite-on BD-R 10x drive and Toshiba DVD/RW drives
PSU: Chiefmax 650w dual fan.

I have been stumped on this for about 3 days now, any help would be great. Thanks.
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  1. Earliest version of BIOS for that motherboard is F2. That CPU requires BIOS version F4. Did you update the BIOS for that board?

    -Wolf sends
  2. I took out my 580 from my system and tried that, same result. I am going to take the motherboard back to the store today and see if that works out. Also, could it be and issue with nvidia not being compatible with AMD's processors? I asked a friend at work today and he gave me that idea as well, although I don't have an AMD GPU to test this theory.
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