Coolermaster Enforcer airflow question

Hello everyone !

I just got myself a Coolermaster CM Storm Enforcer to replace my new case, and I'm now faced with a dilemma.

My CPU is a Core i5 750, over which I have a Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus cooler, with a single fan. Currently, it is oriented in a east-west position, meaning it takes air from the front of the case and eliminates it towards the back of the case, where there is a fan.

The Enforcer has the possibility of adding a 200mm fan at the top, so I was wondering whether I would get better temps by having the cooler facing north-south, taking air from that 200mm fan ?

I want to have a positive air pressure too in my case, to avoid dust build-ups, so the front one will remain an intake fan.

Let me know what you think !
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  1. Most recommendations i've seen here are for negative airflow.

    From what i gather you are going to use the top fan on this case as an intake and run that over your cpu, which will exhaust towards the bottom of your case??? That is counter to the laws of convection (hot air rises). this will also push hot air directly onto your GPU area, which is not something you are going to want if you are using a discrete card.

    What you should do is exhaust your cpu cooler towards the back or top of the case, use the front 200mm fan as an intake and the rear 120mm and top 200mm fan as exhaust.

    If you are still confused about the reasoning, please read,3053.html and,3058.html
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