MS Word will not start with Windows 8

I upgraded to Windows 8 and now my Word and Excel will not open. They were working fine in Win 7. What can I do to the fix this. Win 8 is a nightmare.
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  1. Update os . all programs work fine without issue .
  2. Windows 8 had the longest beta test of any Windows release ever I am pretty sure that any problems existing between it and another Microsoft flagship product like Office would have been found.
  3. Buying a new Sony VAIO with Windows 8 installed has got to be one of the biggest mistakes of my life. This product may work well on a smartphone, but on a laptop it is absolute junk. Even the simplest of tasks like 'print' don't happen and the programme just sits there. Regular lock ups, but the one that Windows 8 really hates is anything Adobe. Trying to open and read a pdf file needs an act of God, let alone should I want to print. Perish the thought.

    I too thought that MS would have nailed any issues prior to release, but quite simply, they haven't and should give us all of our money back until they have a product that actually works.

    If this were a new car, it wouldn't even make it out of the driveway

    If you are listening MS, I'm more than a little come on, how's about a refund or giving me something that works?
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