GIGABYTE 970a UD3 + FX 6300

hey guys i need really help

i need a motherboard for FX 6300 processor

im thinking about the

Gigabyte 970a UD3

will it work properly?

will have me to update bios? im a little afraid of this but i've already updated an old bios but i think no problem
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  1. That board does need the F7 BIOS update dated 10-22-2012 which isn't quite the latest and greatest (there's a F8a update since) to support the FX6300 processor found here I'm going to venture that if the board is purchased now, it should have that update but there really is no guarantee since there is no way to know how long the board has been sitting on the shelf
    Hope it helps
  2. @C12Friedman

    well thank you for the answer, but this mb its out of stock, i was thinking about the

    M5A97 EVO (not the rev 2.0)

    i checked and it supports fx 6300 with also bios update... no problem

    is ASUS M5A97 EVO a good mb compared to 970a UD3?

    thanks again
  3. The Asus board seems to offer a few more features. Asus and Gigabyte both have rather large fan bases, I think you should be okay with either board.
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