Should i get this pc for video editing and light gaming

I am planing on playing some pc games and recording them to you tube and would like to know if this pc is suitable:

HP Pavilion p6-2035uk

otherwise i'd have to spend extra for this

HP Pavilion p6-2046uk

which is better value?

thanks in advance

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  1. What PC games at what resolution? something like BF3 or something like Minecraft? Both of them have integrated graphics, I really can't give advice untill I know what games u r planning on playing :)

    EDIT: What's your budget?
  2. For video editing... It'll work, but will take its sweet time doing it.

    For gaming... not much going on there. You will need to add a GPU and, in turn, a new PSU to handle the increased power requirements. That'll blow the budget and make you consider building a PC to meet your needs.

    Which is the better value? Probably the p6-2035uk. The CPU upgrade and larger HD on the p6-2046uk isn't worth the extra cost. The other parts are all the same...
  3. Games like minecraft TF2 and Cod 4

    My budgets around £500

    Would it be cheaper to build one?
  4. probably, and you could shove a decent card in (something like a 6770)
  5. does this interest you?

    It's got an AMD Fx-4100 and a 6770
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