Bluescreen on Nvidia 285 driver update with GTX460


I have tried updating my GTX460 with the latest and greatest nvidia driver and when installing the 285.38 OR the 285.27 I get a blue screen either right after the install of the driver or on the first reboot to finish the installation that says something like "Windows is shutting down to prevent damage to computer." I have to restart in safe mode and install the old driver to get it to work again.

I'll admit, I am just using the Clean Install check box in the installer to do a clean install rather than manually doing it.

Current working driver is: 280.26 and has been working flawlessly since I built the computer last Spring

Intel i5-2500K, stock settings, not OC'd
8gb RAM
MSI P67A-G43 Motherboard
Windows 7 64-bit
EVGA GtX 460 running two monitors main monitors
Geforce 210 running two monitors extra monitors
Corsair GS600(w) PSU

And advice/suggestions/known issues would be helpful. Haven't found anyone else posting about a similar issue.
Let me know if you need any more info :)
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  1. did you uninstall and properly clean out the old drivers before the install of the new ones? by properly I mean the following:

    1. uninstall 3d drivers and physx via control panel/uninstall program
    2. delete certain Nvidia folders in windows explorer (which folders will depend on your OS version)
    3. device manager - uninstall GTX 460 drivers
    4. reboot in safemode and run driversweep to remove traces of nvidia drivers left over
    5. optional - i run cccleaner at this stage to remove crap from recycle bin
    6. reboot in normal mode and install new driver

    see this link for more info...

    keep us updated

  2. UPDATE!!

    Ok so I did the "proper" clean install of the newest 285.62 by manually uninstalling and then using ccleaner. In the process I discovered that the blue screen issue is coming just from my Geforce 210. I had unplugged all monitors but one running on the GTX460 and everything was flawless, but it was only after I plugged a monitor into the Geforce210 that I got the blue screen when I booted the computer back up.

    At first I assumed the Geforce 210 wasn't supported by the 285.62 driver, but I just looked and it is the exact driver thats recommended for that card also. So both cards are supported by this driver, yet for some reason when I simply have a monitor attached to the 210 at the same time the computer blue screens, but without any monitors connected to it and just the ones to the GTX460, everything runs fine...

    Any ideas???
  3. I'm still not sure what the problem is. I tried just plugging a monitor into the Geforce 210 and everything worked fine and the computer started. So I restarted and plugged monitor's into both cards, and once again blue screen. I got all the way to the window's login, typed in my password, and then blue screen when it started actually loading windows.

    So for some reason I'm having issues using both the GTX460 and Geforce 210 on this new driver because it worked flawlessly before on the old driver...

    Anyone have any ideas? Or has anyone heard anything about multi graphics card in a non-sli configuration having issues?
  4. i have two GTX460 cards (both 1GB version) with the latest drivers. I have found that if both cards are installed into the GA-Z68X-UD3R-B3 motherboard and a monitor is attached to each card Windows7 will Blue Screen randomly. I have noted that this happens when i have a browser open (tried both IE9 and Chrome) also have tried both SLI and non SLI configurations and the BSOD results is the same. If one card is removed, leaving a single GTX460 card installed and use both monitors off that single card all work correctly - except the lowered performance :(
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