Can a bad DVD player indicate the mobo is on the way out?

Hello Tom's,

I'm not too sure which topic to put this on, but hear me out and let me know what you think.

As mentioned in my earlier posts, my newbie project was to make an old Gateway Solo 9100 into a Linux machine. Until I found the proper Linux distro to put on it, I have a copy of XP to throw on there to test things out.

Now, I was planning on reinstalling XP because the system is so old, I believe it has a 8.4 GB limit, even though XP can see the entire drive. I was going to try and repartition the hard drive to see what I could do. I wiped the drive since there wasn't anything on there, and when I went to reinstall it, it cannot boot from CD. This all happened today. I set the BIOS to boot from CD (actually it was set like that from the get-go), nothing. I had a Win98 genuine CD test on it, nothing. Same with a Knoppix CD-ROM only - nothing.

I must add that the XP CD I have DID work with the initial install on this old machine via the program CDBurnerXP.

Now, BIOS sees the CD drive, and I hear the HDD spin up, but it won't start the boot from CD process.

Since I'm still a noob, could the mobo be failing? Or is the CD-ROM drive the culprit and on the way out?

Are there any tests I can try?

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    Download any Linux bootable distro and try to boot it in the machine. It might be the XP isn't bootable, or something became corrupt. If you can boot another Linux Distro, then it points to the XP CD bootability.
  2. scottie,

    Nope - tried rolling with Ubuntu, nothing. Thing is, before the CD-ROM drive started to act up, it couldn't read ISOs so I had to use a program called CDBurnerXP. It worked for XP the first time.

    I went ahead and burned the Ubuntu ISO. Thing is, when I went to use CDBurnerXP, it looks for an ISO file, but there's 2 to choose from with Ubuntu (I think). One is sdm (or sbm), and the other is isolinux. I'm imagining isolinux is the one, but the XP ISO cd I had was clear cut, it only had one ISO image.

    Anything else you could suggest would be great. I'm just wondering if my player is shot, or if the mobo is starting to go.

  3. Scottie,

    Thanks for the link, but my HDD was wiped prior to me trying to reinstall XP again or Ubuntu this morning.
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