Need help! My keyboard and mouse don't work, computer will not start!

Okay guys,

Here is a problem that I am having to deal with: my computer was working fine until yesterday when all of a sudden the Invalid Boot Disk, Insert System Disk and Press Any Key To Continue message showed up at start up. My Windows 7 64-bit Pro is installed on a 32 Gb SSD drive. So I am trying to press any key and .... my USB wireless keyboard does not work nor does my USB wired mouse light up... I press the power button and my computer restarts, trying to press Del button to enter Bios .... the computer does not respond and continues to the same error message above... so i guess my keyboard is not recognized at boot up.... I know that my options are: 1) to connect a PS/2 keyboard or 2) to try all usb ports and unplug all other usb devices for the start up... Any other ideas? What is the problem? Is my SSD drive dead? OR is it two problems: 1) my SSD drive is dead and 2) my USB wireless keyboard and mouse are not recognized by BIOS? Please, need help urgently!!!!!

Thank you.
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    Try to reset the BIOS to factory defaults. Did you try a regular keyboard? Either one of those issues is one thing, together they mean either your BIOS took a vacation or your motherboard died.
  2. Try to unplug the mobo for about half hour, removing the battery from the mobo as well. Then, re-insert the battery and re-start the PC with the KB in a PS2 port.
  3. 1. Don't panic.
    2. Remove all non-necessary periphreals except the keyboard.
    3. Try a CMOS reset, either by jumper or removing the system battery for 30 seconds and pressing the power on button a couple of times. Reinsert the battery and attempt to power on.
    4. If a CMOS reset doesn't work try to cut the power at the PSU (by button or removing the cord). Remove the CMOS battery. Press and hold your power on button for 30 seconds. Let the system sit for a couple of minutes, and try to power up.

    I would also try a wired keyboard (either PS2 or USB) and repeat the steps above if they don't work with your wireless keyboard.

    Finally, dissconnect all HDD and SDD from the system and attempt to boot after clearing the CMOS. Even without a storage disk installed you should be able to get into BIOS.

    Good luck.
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  5. only non usb keyboard/mouse are working during cmos(bios) boot up.... if it has an error that halts the boot up (e.g unconfigured disk boot or cmos was reset to factory default setting.... i recommend use ps/2 keyboard atleast
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