How to prevent overheating?

So today my friend gave my his nvidia 1gb 9800gt graphics card, and i got a OCZ 500W power supply online. I installed it and everything went OK. The problem is that i'm idling at around 70C and at a load (counter strike source) I somehow got to 110C. I'm not in the position to buy a cooling fan or anything like that. I was wondering what are some possible solutions that would allow me to cool down my card?
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  1. sometimes removing the side pannel can provide the ventilation you need.

    cooling fans 8cm and 12cm are going to be ur best solution to get the air flowing in ur case and for under $10 each are pretty cheap as well.

    70@ idle is quite high and as greg suggested is prob more a dust build up blocking airflow than anything else
  2. how do you recommend.i clean it ? i have a powerful air compressor. would that work ?

    sorry for lack of punctuation im on my phone
  3. how do you recommend.i clean it ? i have a powerful air compressor. would that work ?

    sorry for lack of punctuation im on my phone
  4. WOW.. i wldnt play any games or use any 3D apps, untill u cool that poor card down....
  5. Is the card's fans working at all? Are they running at a sufficient speed?
  6. compressed air can will do ,air compressor could cause static take care
  7. look around the inside of your case. if there is dirt built up on your components, unplug your PC and hit the power button. then, carefully clean every thing with a can of compressed air. Also, if any vents on your case are covered with dirt/dust, clean them.

    How many intake/exhaust fans do u have in your case?
  8. oh and its made by bfg tech if that helps at all. i didn't get any error messages while playing but it started to get hella choppy so i checked using hardware monitor and that's when i saw.
  9. oh, and as scout said, be very carefull if ur using a compressor to clean your pc. if at all possible, it wld be much safer to use a can of computer duster.
  10. what cpu do you have, and how hot was the cpu running wen u checked the temps for ur gpu??
  11. i never checked the cpu actually. maybe ill risk another gaming sesh to get the gpu up then check it D:
  12. 1. Clean/replace case/HSF fans. (120mm Yate-Loon fans are around $5)
    2. Invest in fan filters (pantyhose works great BTW).
    3. Move PC off the floor!
    4. Re-apply TIM, and Re-seat the HSF. (are you using the stock HSF? if so look into an aftermarket HSF. The CM Hyper 212+ is $26) *CPU*
    5. Is there a high CFM intake/exaust fan in the case? (intake from front, and side. exaust top, and rear)
    6. Try a new case (look at the Xigmatek Asgard $30 + $8 S&H).
  13. I cleaned the card with my air compressor and its now idling at 46-48C. I can't believe how much dust was in this thing.

    Love you guys ♥♥♥♥♥♥
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