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MSI mobo fan headers 4 pin is there adaptor?

I'm in the middle of a new build after being out of the scene a while, and learning just how much has changed in a few years :/ my main problem right now all my 120mm fans have 3 pin plugs on them. The mobo has 4 pin headers everywhere, bu there is one 3 pin header in the back, and there might be one other one in the middle but the cable for the front fan cable not long enough.

Is there there a 3 pin to 4 pin adapters, any benefits to replacing the fans I have now with a 4 pin plug already on them or should I just go diggin in the parts box and look for my 3 pin to molex adapters?
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    The MB can't control the 3-pin fan speed under PWM, it only can do on the 4-pin fan. If you want to control the fan speed you need the 4-pin one.

    And here the 3pin to 4pin adapter, so you can connect the fan to the PSU.
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