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I was wondering if i can play Battlefield 3 on dx10 with an dx11 card, since on dx10 the demand for GPU power will be less compared to playing it on dx11. I also heard that the difference is quite minimal. Im using a gtx 275 playing @1920x1080 i want to play at max or ultra. here are my other specs i5-2400 and 4GB ram. If i upgrade to lets say a 6870 will that make much of a difference?
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  1. I've been told BF3 can be played on DX9, 10, and 11 cards. I'm not too sure about this though.
  2. BF3 does not support DX9 at all, hence why it won't run in XP. You can probably just turn off the dx11 eye candy in BF3 and it will run as if it was in dx10.
  3. go to this link you find all specs need to play battelfield 3
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    running the game with dx11 but disabling the dx11 features can increase performance as you will not be using the extra visual effects of dx11 to slow down performance and at the same time, will be using the performance increasing feature of dx11(like better graphics threading, better memory buffer copy etc).
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