Quick reply broke?

Had quick reply refuse to work for me twice in a row now, first in the graphics forum, then here. Is it not working for anyone else? If i want to post a reply i have to click the add a reply button. Anyone else having this issue?

Running Win 7 64 bit and the latest version of Chrome.
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  1. same here but only in chrome not in Firefox 4.0 beta

    chrome is glitching a lot lately for me so it is probably just chrome
  2. That is unfortunately, but it explains why i wasnt having any trouble on my laptop earlier which is running firefox. This is going to drive me insane since i keep forgetting that it doesnt work and feeling stupid every time i try to use it.
  3. yeah chrome used to be good and i swore by it but it isn't working for me anymore, it isn't as user friendly as firefox yet, but we will see it improve
  4. It's working for me, except that it doesn't redirect me back to the thread again afterwards. I just get stuck on the "your reply was successfully posted" page.
  5. It's probably due to some issue in Chrome. If any Firefox users out there are seeing the same thing (not using a beta version) let me know.
  6. the firefox 4 beta 2 is amazing.....just saying
  7. the new chrome canary build seems to not have the quick reply glitch, so for being a test platform is definitely a bit less buggy than the stable release
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