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Hello. I am building my first computer and was looking for some advice. My budget is around €600. The computer doesn't need to be too powerful at the moment but I want to upgrade it in the future. Also I have decided to dual boot it with linux ubutu and windows 7. I have decided on the following:

Processor: Intel sandybridge i5 2500

CPU cooler: Intel boxed

Motherboard: Gigabyte ga-z68x-ud3h-b3

Ram: Haven't decided yet but I want 8gb preferably corsair whats compatible?

Graphics card: Don't think I'll buy one at this time, perhaps you can convince me to buy one!!

Case: Cooler Master Elite 310

PSU: Still undecided, I want something of good quaility at the right price.

Hard drive: Seagate barracuda 3.5 inch 500gb 7200rpm 16mb buffer

Optical drive: Samsung SH-222AB disk drive

Parts I don't need: Monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers.

I think that thats everything. I am wondering if all of these parts are compatible and if they are all compatible with linux ubuntu.

Country: Ireland

Preferred shop: Online, as long as it is reputable and ships cheaply enough to Ireland.

Have I missed any neccessary parts? I was also wondering what voltage you think that this computer would need and how to work it out. Please respond soon, I can't wait to get started!!! :bounce:
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  1. well... in Ireland it would need 240V to work if I recall correctly... I think you meant wattage though... with that build a 500 WATT would give you room to grow into a vid card for an upgrade easily...
  2. Sorry. You are correct I did mean wattage. Thanks for the advice, do you have any suggestions?
  3. Welcome to linux world.

    i had a problem with monitor that does not have self install driver on it.

    So make sure your monitor is plug and play (most of them are but not mine TT,.TT)

    However i recommand ATI video card because of driver issue.

    I had a hard time install nVidia driver on my opensuse.

    One more thing, must have research (your gpu) that (choice of your linux) can understand HDMI or DVI cable.

    Ubuntu have a problems with DVI cable monitor that can not go up to where your monitor max status.

    higher then 4gb of memory i am sure you are looking for 64bits linux.

    64bit = gogogo~ lol

    PSU = please purchase higher then 500W for future upgrade (chance to come back to windows)

    Rest of all spec are very fine i mean too fine for linux.

    However good luck~ !!
  4. Thanks very much for all the advice on linux compatability!!!

    Do you think that ubuntu is the best distribution?

    The only reason that I'm using windows at all is for some possible gaming in the future, will linux allow much gaming?
  5. no it will not be great for gaming... there are some games and it's getting better... I think ubuntu is a good "starter" linux but i would recommend (please distro zealots keep back) Debian. It's what ubuntu is based off of and is probably one of the most stable distros by default. It also has over 20000 packages in it's default repos so the chances of having a precompiled application for you to install is very high. Ubuntu is super easy to use but personally I hate the Unity desktop... If you've never used linux before you may love it as it seems people newer to linux love it... and a good 500w power supply will still allow for upgrades in the future... including a high end video card... your current equipment listed is only going to top out at like 250-300 watts leaving you plenty of room to grow with a 500w power supply... if you want to go higher I would recommend an antec earthwatts 650 but remember if you buy an earthwatts you have to buy the power cord separate because they intend for you to recycle your old power cord.
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