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hi guys just wondering if i get a usb 3.0 card for the x1 pci express slot. will my graphics drop down to x8 or not? :bounce: if not will it decrease the power of my gpu in any other way? :bounce:

Any replies will be greatley appriciated.
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  1. What's your MOBO ? and no nothing of this will happen unless you have a limiting factor in your MOBO.
    Even if the GPU is routed at x8, no much difference from x16.
  2. Check your Mobo Manual for the placement of the PCIe cards. It will tell you exactly which slots are linked to which ones, thus by adding anything in 2 linked slots will reduce the speed of the other slot.
    You can choose another slot if available and not linked to the one that holds the GPU if you feel like it.
    Although the difference in functioning at 8X or 16X is not going to effect game play for you since it's not that obviously visible on the Monitor.
    Though you will see the difference in Synthetic Benchmarks. Usage wise it's not going to e a problem, unless, conflicting hardware is used.
  3. its some foconn that came with my old packard bell machine
  4. Download CPUz and check the make and model of the Mobo if you can't find it printed on the Mobo itself.
  5. foxconn e253117
  6. Is this it?

    Here's the link for the Manual

    Since you have only one PCIe X1 slots, doesn't leave you with much of an option does it.

    Note: Been through the whole Manual, and there is not one place that mentions whether the PCIe X1 shares resources with the PCIe X16 and X4 slots. Unbelievable.
    That leaves us with just one option. Try it out and let us know.
  7. yes i put it in now how do i see if its dropped down to x8?
  8. Run CPUz and see the Speed under the Mainboard Section Check Link Width and Max Supported.
    Or Run GPUz and on the main page see Bus Interface.
  9. what difference will it make ? I run a pci-e 1 slot sound card. nothing happens. everything runs fine. it constantly performs whereas the card will only run when it's being used/accessed. I used pci1 slot cards once in a while for other things. never noticed any slow downs.

    and you should also be able to place that x1 slot card in the x16 ( or x4 if that's what it is ) slot if i'm not mistaken.
  10. ^ That's what was said in the beginning, you won't be able to make out the difference.

    And yes, he can place the PCIe X1 card in the PCIe x16 slot, but the moment he puts one in the second slot, the speeds going to go down to 4X and not 16X.
  11. we must have cross posted. I wasn't sure of the drop ( 16-4 ) but that's ok. it's an unused slot so it wouldn't matter. There you go OP. 2 confirmations.
  12. ok guys it would be more convenient if i could put it in the x4 slot can i do it and to answer your question yes it did work but are you sure you can use it in different pci express slots? if so pleeeeeese reply.
  13. thanks verry much guys.
  14. yes, I'm sure you can use a PCIe X1 card in the PCIe x16 or x4 As in your case.
  15. yes it worked perfectley just so you know my processor is an i5 750 not a 775 socket
  16. Yeah, that what your configuration says.
    So what's a Lynnfield doing there?
  17. how do you mean "whats a lynfield doing there"?
  18. If that board doesn't support anything other than a 775 what have you placed the 1156 Lynnfield into?
  19. no no no my board is 1156 not 775 sorry my mistake
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