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Computer won't detect graphics card

I have a Nvidia GeForce 6600 PCI-E 256MB graphics card that i just got, but my Windows 7 Home Premium x86 on my Dell GX280 desktop computer isn't working with it. It shows up in Windows device manager but won't let me download the drivers from there. I go to the Nvidia site and download the driver and it says that it doesn't detect any graphics hardware. What do i do?
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  1. Have you connected the molex power connector on the GPU to the PSU? Or is your version without the Molex Connector, the Non SLI version?
  2. alyoshka said:
    Have you connected the molex power connector on the GPU to the PSU? Or is your version without the Molex Connector, the Non SLI version?

    Im tech savy, but not when it comes to terms. Dumb that down for me a little please. And the only detachable connection on my version is from the fan to a connector on a lower part on the graphics card. There is a picture of it on this link:
  3. Yup, that's the non SLI version.
    Ok, Have you gone to the Nvidia Download Site and tried the Manual Download, instead of the Auto Detect GPU option?

    What is Windows 7 Home Premium x86?
    It's 32Bit or 64Bit.

    You mean the 32Bit one I guess.
    I'm stuck at it finding them right now. Go ahead and try from your end and see if you find any.
  4. The manual download checks for the hardware too while it is installing and doesn't find it so won't finish install, yet it still shows in the Windows 7 device manager. And it is 32-bit Dell Optiplex GX280 2004 Desktop Tower Version with a single 3.6ghz processor and 4GB RAM.
  5. Please run gpu-z and cpu-z and post a screen shot of each
  6. I will soon, but first i discovered it may be the fact that my computer has a 250 watt psu and my motherboard doesn't recomend more then a 305 watt psu. That is probally too low for any good gpu. Any suggestions for a DirectX 10 quality gpu that works with a 250 watt psu and is on the cheaper side of things, but still good quality?
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    The best card you can safely run on a 250 Watt PSU is the Radeon HD 5570. It is a DX11 card, so it can also do DX10, it's more powerful than any of the 6600 series nvidia cards, though it's not exactly a powerful card by today's standards. However, most cards more powerful than the 5570 would probably be bottlenecked by your CPU. Edit: I might be wary of running a 5570 on that 250 Watt, capacitor aging has probably reduced that old PSU's capabilities, you may need a new PSU either way.

    Your motherboard should not care how large a power supply you have. The only recommendations I see in mobo manuals are the minimum PSU you should have for a system, and usually they recommend a 300 Watt to be on the safe side, even if you are only using integrated graphics. There should be no reason for your motherboard to restrict PSU size, unless this is one of the Dell's that has proprietary power connectors, and as such will only take certain Dell PSUs.
  8. Thank you very much and yes i do beleive it is Dell PSU specific, and the max they have for it is a 305 watt. Guess i just got to see what ill have the cash to buy, im broke now lolz
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