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Hey im new to building gaming rigs and im on a 700 dollar budget i was wondering if this set up would be decent enought to run wow on high

Rosewill Thor V2
Asus Crosshair V Formula ATX Mobo
i have an optical drive
PNY Optima 16 gb (4 x 4)
Intel core i3-2120
Zotac ZT-50702-10M GeForce GTX 560
Silverstone strider essential 600w PSU

will there be any compatability issues? im a noob in building.

if you can post somethings i could improve for it
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  1. It could bprobably run WoW on medium. Get 8 Gigs of RAM instead and maybe upgrade to a n i5-2400 or 2500K. Also, you can get cheaper mobos.
  2. Tom's benchmarks show that the 560Ti can run WoW: Cataclysm on Ultra @ 1920x1080 at ~79FPS with 8x antialiasing, and the 560 performs at ~80% of the 560Ti, so you can expect pretty good performance from the 560.

    Like Gooseta said, downgrade to 8GB RAM (G.Skill or Corsair are generally the cheapest and most reliable), and you don't need an Asus Formula motherboard; those are made for the high-end overclockers, and you won't see any benefit from the extra $100 you'll spend on it.

    Go for a simple P67 or Z68 board around $100 - there are tons of them out there like the Gigabyte P67-UD3-B3 or MSI P67A-C43. You'll get much better value for your money, and could afford to upgrade to a 560Ti (worth it) and/or i5 (also worth it).
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