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I have an Asus G73Jh laptop with an ati 5870. I have been having problems connecting my lg TV to my laptop. I use an hdmi cable to connect it, and the tv is 1080p and I have used it before so I know it works. The problem is, recently whenever I plug in my hdmi cable to my laptop the screen goes black and the computer freezes. Even if I unhook the hdmi it still remains black and won't do anything, until I manually restart it.
It isn't because I need to hit "fn+F8" or whatever, I know how to do that. The laptop completely freezes up. I don't know if I messed up a setting in my catalyst control center or what. No matter what, if the cord is plugged in while the laptop is running or before I turn it on, from the point it is plugged in the screen remains black no matter what I do.
Anyone ever heard of this? Please help.
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  1. Try using a spare HDMI cable. It can happen that the cable or the socket has worn out causing a short when it gets plugged in.
    Also when you have the cable plugged in and start the laptop connected to the TV, do you see the desktop on the tele? if yes, check the CCC and make sure that the other display is also active.
    There is setting there which enables/disable the display you right click on.
    Check those.
    And give a feedback.
  2. I have used the hdmi cord with my xbox360 so I know it works. And when I have the cord plugged in, there is no desktop on either the tv or the laptop. And like I said, even when I unplug the hdmi from the laptop, the screen does not come back up. I have tried resetting CCC to factory defaults to see if that made a difference but nothing happened. I don't even know what could be causing this.
  3. Do you have a service warranty? or a service station where it could be looked into?
    Since it's a laptop, we would rarely advise you to open it up yourself unless you were really very technically savvy.
    Ok so your HDMI cord is fine, but what about the socket on the laptop?
    Can you get a good look in there?

    Do you see any bent or broken pins inside? A bright flashlight would be needed to see it clearly though.
  4. Could be a short on the laptop itself within the hdmi port.
    Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling the video driver?
    Will your laptop output to your TV during post?
  5. Well I assume the hdmi socket is alright because when I put the laptop in safe mode and plug in the cord, the screen does come up on the tv, just with really weird colors. And when I restart it out of safe mode the display shows up on my tv and laptop completely normal until past the windows logo, where it then goes black and won't come back up again.
  6. Check the pins inside the socket and if everything is ok, you'd better get it to a service center ASAP or you might just end up with a dead GPU on the laptop. Not good, and not cheap to repair or replace.

    Note: And you know what they say about Assumptions..... right?
  7. I will check the socket when I get home, I'm in class right now haha. And I will call Asus to see what they say. I will post again later. Thank you very much for your help.
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