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PSU Problem?

Hello, recently I've been hearing weird noises coming from my computer and I suspect it is due to a lack of power coming out of the PSU I currently have installed. My PSU is an RX-530SS ATX power supply. I have a AMD Athlon tri-core 3.3Ghz processor, an ASUS M5A97 motherboard, an HD 6770 video card (ASUS), two 120mm case fans, a 400GB Caviar Hard drive, and 8Gb(2x4Gb) of RAM at 1333Mhz. Whats going on with it? Also the weird noises are freaking me out. Its like a little charge and then a pop noise, is it coming from my CPU or video card or hard drive? Thanks!
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  1. Take the side off and get down close to the tower and see if you can isolate it. Know anyone with a stethoscope? Or you can even put a straw to your ear, aim the other end at one component at a time and try to isolate the sound.
  2. The sound only occurs when I'm playing a game I downloaded on my comp, mind you its not all that demanding and its a pretty old game, Rome Total War. That along with the software for all my components and windows 7 is all that is installed on my computer. Could it be the motherboard? How can i check? I checked the voltage of my rails in the BIOS, and all seem to be within or above by .22volts, so I think we can eliminate that as the problem. The disc drive works like a charm, and I already ran Memtest86 to check the RAM and I had no errors. The processor is most likely working properly, so that leaves the motherboard, the video card, and the hard drive. Thoughts?
  3. Try to isolate the sound first, otherwise it's just a blind guess at best.
  4. I figured out the sound was coming from my hard drive, but I ran two diagnostic tests on it, one that comes with windows and another which i transferred via flashdrive. Both found nothing wrong with the hardrive, so I assume its a problem with the motherboard right?
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    Run a defrag, then a chkdsk /f. If that returns no bad sectors, I'd lean towards it not being the HDD.
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