Broke USB Port, Red CPU Light


I accidentally broke one of the front panel USB 3.0 ports (they connected into the Intel Z77 USB 3.0 Connector on the board) and now the system won't boot up. When I power it on, the power LED on the motherboard turns green, indicating that it is receiving power, so I don't think I fried my motherboard or killed the PSU. The CPU led, however, lights up red. Did I fry my CPU? I don't care about trying to salvage it, I just want to know what the problem is so I can fix it.

In summary:
-Broke front panel USB port which plugged into the Intel Z77 3.0 Connector on the mobo
-PC won't boot up: powers on, power led green, cpu led red, fans work, cpu fan works, gpu receives power, hard drives spin, keyboard and mouse (plugged into back usb ports) receive no power
-Is it the CPU that is dead?

System specs:
-Cooler Master HAF X
-i7 3770k
-GTX 680
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  1. Have you unplugged the front USB ports to test that
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