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my LCD is of 17 inch and gives 16:9 aspect ratio which gives a resolution of 1280x720 but i want the resolution of 1024x768 coz all my wallpapers are of this resolution... any idea how should it be done.??
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  1. I agree with werner. First of all, 1024x768 is a lower resolution than native for your monitor, which doesn't look as good, but what's worse is the aspect ratio. You would be stretching a 4:3 image (1024x768) to 16:9 proportions. Everything will look stretched.

    If you do need to change the resolution, all you have to do is right click on the desktop, and select "Screen Resolution" (Windows 7)

    A suggestion for you, go here:

    There are loads of free wallpapers that you can choose from, and you will be able to select the proper resolution before you download them. (1280x720)

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