Amd 955 bf3

I have an amd 955 be 3.2 overclocked to 3.5 using amd catalist.
I got a gtx 680 coming in and I want to play battlefield 3 at max settings. Will the amd 955 qaud core be able to keep up? Any help would be great thanks

I have 8GB of ram
Amd quad core 955 3.2 be
650 watt power supply
1920x1200 hd 2Ms monitor
Gtx 680 coming
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  1. Aim for 4ghz+
  2. I got the amd over drive but I have no idea how to overclock its all new to me
  3. Overclock in bios.
  4. I dont know what to set the volts at or anything
  5. So I shouldd stick with the 3.5
  6. You think the amd 955 is powerfull enought to run bf3 ultra fine with the gtx680 or should I get the 8 core
  7. So you think this setup will be just fine?
  8. 4ghz should be quite possible - my 955 runs great at 4.2ghz @1.45v (no wizardry involved there, just make sure you have a decent cpu cooler)
    your system should be fine without much overclocking though.
  9. I also thing that your system is OK as it is...
    also for me teh max settings are quite OK because I don't see obvious difference between max and ultra... and the performance drop for ultra is a bit too much for me...
  10. Here maybe this will help.

    I have a 965 BE @ 4 ghz, nothing really hard here. To tell you the truth I rarely use the OC profile, I forget to turn it on and everything has been playable. You don't see huge FPS Epeen but at close to max settings everything is studder free and enjoyable.
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