GTX 580 signal loss after driver update


I received my new pc last week and since the beginning I had problems with my GTX580 and my Dell U2711 Monitor.

Full System:
3072MB Gainward GeForce GTX 580 Phantom Aktiv PCIe 2.0 x16 2xDVI/1xHDMI/1xDisplayPort (Retail)
Intel Core i7 2600K 4x 3.40GHz So.1155 BOX
ASRock Z68 PRO3-M S1155 Intel Z68 4XDDR3/2SATA3/3SATA2
8GB (4x 4096MB) Corsair Vengeance LP DDR3-1600 DIMM CL9-9-9-24 Dual Kit
680W be quiet! Straight Power CM BQT E8 80+ Silber Modular

If I start the pc in safe mode or without drivers in normal mode everything runs good, If I install any nvidia driver (all last 5 versions, also beta versions) the monitor has a signal loss after pressing the "login" button.
5-7seconds later the PC restarts and prompts me to go in safe mode or start windows normally.

All GPU temps are ok -> 65° maybe 70° if I play longer.
The monitor is connected via DVI Dual Link but I also tried DisplayPort and HDMI.

I read a lot, I tried a lot…it also seems alot of people do have the same problem but none is writing down how he solved it and the forum post ends.
The funny thing is that I managed to run the pc over the weekend playing rage, bc2 and tf2 24/7…but on sunday evening again signal loss :)

Help appreciated!

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  1. what OS are you using? Windows 7 64bit? have you tryed using the Disk you get with your GPU drivers and see if its still that? other wise i think you GPU is a dud

    safe mode uses barely graphical stuff so when you go to normal gooey it black out and restarts this seems to be a Graphics card issue not a driver issue change PCI slots and see if this solves problem and check if Power in GPU is in secure if issue keeps going try using another graphics card if you got one and see if problem accrues

    if it does accrue then seems like could be driver issue or a power issue or maybe a monitor issue

    Processes of elimination
  2. yes I'm using win 7 64 bit with service pack one.

    I read there could be a problem with a different refresh rate on the monitor.

    If the graphic card is broken I wonder why I was able to play the weekend.

    Anyway, maybe I will delete the praphic card inThe problem is that I have no second graphic card and no second monitor :/

    Maybe I will try to delete the graphic card in safe mode, wipe all drivers with drive sweeper and try it again.

    Is there any application to force a monitor refresh rate on startup?
  3. yeah try sweeping the drivers with driver sweeper in safe mode and reinstall

    and yes you can change the refresh rate

    Right click on desktop


    Advance settings

    Monitor Tab

    and should see a drop down bar
  4. thats the problem…

    if I install the drivers and I'm able to enter via normal mode the monitor is displayed as DELL u2711 Digital and I can change the refresh rate.

    if I enter via safe mode the monitor is shown as generic standard monitor without P&P and I can't change the refresh rate.

    maybe it's a monitor problem…but dell is not providing any drivers or I'm to stupid to find them :/ also windows is not finding any drivers.

    I have orderd also a new dvi cable but I would wonder if this was the problem because displayport doesn't work either.

  5. well P&P generic is a standard driver for ur Monitor and for mine its got option to change from 60 to 59 and ect so not sure why it wont let you but comes down to see if you get windows automatically get drivers for u basic ones for u and see if that can help

    not much i can really do you may need to take ur PC back and get them solve issue
  6. yes I will try some new things :)
    thanks for your help
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