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Wont wake/turn on after sleep unless power is pulled for several seconds

Hey guys,

So I've been having this issue ever since I update my hardware in my computer. The computer will go to sleep, sometimes wake up on it's own and never go back to sleep, or stay asleep and wont wake with key press. If I hit the power button at this point it flashes on for a second and then dies. I have to hit the switch on the PSU for about 5 seconds and then boot it up. From there the loading screen sometimes says "System Recovery" as if it lost power other times it gets stuck on a black screen with the letter cursor blinking in the top left corner. Hitting the power button quickly moves in onto the next bit. I am not sure exactly what is causing it, I read somewhere that it could be the PSU, but with my stuff recently changing I don't think it is. I have no real way to test it out because I updated from about six year old parts that wont work with the newer ones.

The parts in question are:




Here is the CPU, which is about a year or two old

Thank you!
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  1. Faulty power supply. Go to you friends house, break into his computer, take his power supply, replacing it with yours. Put your friends power supply into your computer, and boot up. If its running without the necessary doodle dum, as it should be, it's your power supply that is faulty.
  2. I would buy a new PSU.

    I almost guarantee you the problem is that your PSU is fading out and can't put out power like it used to.
  3. Is there anyway I can be sure? It would kind of suck to buy a new PSU and then find out it is still happening. So you don't think it's the new stuff at all?
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    You could borrow a newer better PSU from somebody.

    I am on a super restrictive budget as well, so I feel you on the potentially ill spent cost.

    You could call up your local store and ask if you can try the PSU and bring it back if it doesn't work. If you talk to a manager or something they might do it.
  5. On my search for finding a PSU to borrow, my brother found something about the sleep options. I turned off hybrid sleep and I seem to not be having the problem anymore. Thank you for the help!
  6. I have same (Kind of) problem. It's effectively instability caused by the bios. Update it to the newest one and report back.
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