Is this PSU worth buying ?,4&sr=8-2-fkmr0

Price is great and its as powerful as i need, just wonder if someone know if its good or not.
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  1. Corsair make very good's fine from a quality view. You may get a PSU which has just as good quality for a little less money if you look around. Seasonic, XFX, Be Quiet!, Silverstone, Enermax...these are all good PSU brands.
  2. Corsair don't make PSUs, or most of the other products they sell.
    The Corsair HX 1050 is made by CWT and is good enough.

    However I would buy either of these, as they are cheaper and better in most ways:
    NZXT Hale90 1000W 80Plus Gold Modular $195

    Kingwin Lazer Gold 1000W 80Plus Gold Modular $170
  3. Corsair has great PSU's, they are very very good, but as Silvune has said they don't make their own psu's, most are made by Seasonic, CWT but they are well made. Corsairs are great, look around and you will find other great manufactures like Antec, and Seasonic.
  4. I would rather focus on a 850w rated unit, that is more than enough to run a high end dual GPU setup.

    Corsair AX850
    Antec HCP 850
    XFX 850w Core Edition Pro
    Corsair HX 850
    Coolermaster Silent Gold Pro 800w

    I have tested these units and all have been strong units.
  5. What are your system specifications? it would allow us to recommend something.
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