How much disk space for Win 7 Pro 64?

I have completed my new build: i5-2500k, 8 GB RAM and a 64 GB SSD (Crucial M4).

I want to install Win 7 Pro 64-bit on a partition on the SSD. I know the Win 7 64 specs say you need at least 20 GB of disk space to install. I figure I will reduce the page file to 1 GB and eliminate the hibernation file. If I do that, how much space will i need on the SSD partition?
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  1. once its installed you can gain space by

    to gain space on your ssd

    delete hyberfil.sys file

    Go to Start menu, type “cmd” open up command prompt
    Type “powercfg.exe -h off” [make sure you are an Administrator]
    Type “exit”

    this still allows using sleep

    if you have 4gb or more ram lower page file to 512mb

    turn off system restore--recommended on a ssd

    these will gain you a lot of gbs--saved me about 30gb becuase i have 16gb of ram the pagefile and hyberfil.sys are larger the more ram you have

    run ccleaner to gain a bit more
  2. Unless you are an astute windows user, you will find yourself at 60GB within 6 months...... can reduce this by setting page file to a fixed size, moving user files to another drive, forcing e-mails elsewhere, off hibernation..... but you can easily have 10GB + of Windows Update uninstall files which you have ti turn on hidden files to see and know how to uninstall
  3. 15gb
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