ASrock Extreme 4 z77 what are PCI short slots

I have a ASRock Extreme mobo, I want to put two gpus in sli config, I have ordered ll of these parts, I have done some reading and it says after you install two gpus in sli you have two pci short slots left over. I wanted to order a sound card and I'm confused whether I will be able to buy a sound card will it fit in these two leftover pci slots, the sound card I want is the Xonar Essence ST . Maybe the Xonar sound card which requires a PCI slot will work.
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  1. As I see it, you would be able to use the top and the bottom PCIe x1 slots.
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    You'll have both PCIeX1 slots available and the legacy PCI slot to choose from. Both are common sound card slots. Personally, I am using the top slot for my similar board layout.
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