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So... I recently built a new pc and I'm already thinking of switching out some parts when I get the money but I'm not really sure which ones to upgrade first. So here are my system's specs (oh and by the way it's my first build)-

Case- Antec Nine Hundred
PSU- Corsair HX1050 1050w silver plus certified (Yes, I know it's overkill and I realize that now... but whatever)
DVD Drive- Asus DVD Burner- bulk
HDD- Recertified WD Caviar Blue 250gb
MoBo- Asrock 870 Extreme3 R2.0
CPU- AMD Phenom II x4 970 3.5 GHz (OCed to 4.0 GHz)
Video Card- EVGA GTX 560 Superclocked
RAM- G.Skill Sniper Series 1866 MHz 8gb ( 4gb x 2 )
Heat Sync- Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus

I'm looking to upgrade some combination of these parts once I get about $300-$400.

Case- Corsair 600T Reason- It's not that I necessarily hate the Antec 900 but... the cable management is pretty much non-existant and I think there might be something wrong with the sound socket on the front. If I plug my earphones in (and they work on other system's like my iPhone or laptop) and try to listen to some music or a speech or even just Skype with someone, I can hear all the background noise/info but instead of words i hear a really small mumbling sort of noise like as though the system is trying to cancel out any speech and although it could be a software problem or just some settings that are set to speech cancelation but if it is then I couldn't find it in 1 hour of searching.

Video Card- Either the 6970 or 7970 Reason- Again, I don't exactly hate the GTX 560 but when I bought it i had in mind that I would most likely be upgrading it (Also getting an AMD Video Card instead of Nvidia because I want to take advantage of AMD Vision, however subtle the improvement is...). Also, was wondering should I maybe get other items first and then wait for the 7000 series to come out?...

MotherBoard- Not sure into which one but any really... Reason- I definitely don't want this MoBo as a permanent one. It's giving me some start up and reset problems. Sometimes, when I start it up (and I know this because of the Dr. Debug on the MoBo) it'll do nothing whatsoever. It just stays at 00 on the Dr. Debug. Other times it'll go to 19 stay thee fo about 30 seconds then do a series of operations and go back to 19 for 30 sec in a repated loop. 19 means "Pre-memory South Bridge initialization is started" which I'm not completely sure what it is. Also, I have to press the restart button 3 times to successfully restart it, otherwise it doesn't really do anything. Just stays stuck. Lastly, something's up with the BIOS. When I try to overclock my CPU (and I'm not just randomly pressing buttons and seeing what happens) and I save changes and exit and it restarts the system, nothing is changed. I open up CPU-Z and it still shows 3.5 GHz instead of the 4.0 GHz that I wanted. I sat for 3 hours trying to figure out why it's not working and in the end I gave up and used AMD OverDrive instead (and it worked perfectly) but it might just be a software problem. I can live with all of these problems but I would be a lot more happy if there weren't any.

I live in US, MA btw and am 14 years old (if that means anything to you). I'd be really glad if you replied with some recommendations. If you see anything else you think would make a large difference (and I'm not getting a Blu-Ray player because I don't really watch movies on my PC, but I'm keeping it in mind if I start to).

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  1. Oh and also, I'm not just throwing out the items I'm replacing. I'm planning on building a lesser budget build with those items in there.
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    the only thing you need to upgrade is the gpu. wait for the 7000 series coming out next month
  3. drunkducki said:
    the only thing you need to upgrade is the gpu. wait for the 7000 series coming out next month

    Yea I was thinking about that. But I heard the 7000 series uses a PCIe 3.0 slot opposed to the PCIe 2.0 slot that my MoBo supports. That would mean I would have to upgrade my MoBo too right?... Thanks for the recommendation btw.
  4. they are backward compatible. you dont need to upgrade your mobo.
  5. drunkducki said:
    they are backward compatible. you dont need to upgrade your mobo.

    Awesome. Thanks a lot, man!
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