Eyefinity worth it?

Crossfiring 2 6950's and overclocking them, with a 2.5k oc'd to 4.4, what do you guys reccomend as the best 3 monitors i should buy? Three 20 inchers? They go for about 90 a pop in newegg....thanks!

Although shipping is 80 bucks to puerto rico for all 3 of em :/ jaja anyways, opinions?

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  1. I am trying to build a system with that setup.. And, people are recommending two things..1) 120 mHz.... and 2) 24" and up.. So, I would be looking to that potential.. However, (1) 120mHz costs as much as all (3) of those monitors you looked at.. So, if money is an option, stick to what you can, otherwise, save up a bit and splurge for the 24"...
    Depending on what games you play, eyefinity is DEFINITELY worth it... I'm sold on it.. As, put it this way.. You have NO peripheral vision with (1) monitor, but with (3), you have angles to look at, and it really gives you an advantage...!
  2. I don't know who is giving you advice but the main point of 120mhz is for 3D.
  3. lol
    Yeah, didn't notice, just used the units he was using without thinking about it.
  4. Yeah, you both know what I meant... ;cP
  5. how about a 32 1080 led?" or a 27" comp monitor?

    what yields the maximum experiencE?
  6. It's all about multiple screens, as each one shows a different viewing angle. Also, two screens wouldn't work, as you would have a dead spot in the middle, and if you're playing FPS games, your crosshairs will be split...
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