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New to the forum here.

I got a i5 2500 for free recently and thought it was about time to upgrade from my q9400 cpu.

I use my PC primarily for recording and mixing audio, gaming and browsing media. I'm not into hardcore overclocking, though I would like to push the i5 2500 into the 3.8 - 4 ghz area using some sort of OC genie-type system.

I have 6 gigs of ram and a HD 4870 GPU. I would like to upgrade my GPU in the near future but I do not intend to do SLI or Crossfire. Audio is handled though a dedicated pci sound card.

I can get a good deal on an ASUS p8z68-V LX. Would this be enough for my needs or should consider the future and get an Asus p8z77-V LX instead? Any other recommendations?
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  1. Is it a 2500 K model, or just 2500?

    If it is the 2500, you'll just be able to overclock turbo, which should still get you to about 4.1Ghz.

    Z68 is fine, but Z75 and Z77 also allow overclocking. Whichever you can get the best price on, do it.

    Keep in mind, most MB only come with PCIe slots, so you may not be able to use your PCI sound card. However, onboard Audio is quite good these days.

    Also, your 6GB of RAM, may be DDR2. You'd need DDR3 for this build.
  2. when you look at mb..there are two sizes to look at the mini atx and full size. the mini atx will save you some cash over the full size mb. vendors like msi make some nice mini atx mb. ma-g45 and the g41.
    when you look at the 100-150.00 mb look at the ports on the mb and there feature. some mb like some of the asus one have a new feature called usb can with a usb stick flash your mb bios without a cpu or ram..great if the bios crashes.
    also look at the thickness of the get to low price point mb vendor have to cut and cooling on the mb.
    also look at the mb bios that the mb use. asus has one of the simple and easy gui mb bios. msi not bad for a gui bios. gigbyte mb made for over clocked and still uses an older dos looking bios.
  3. Thanks for the help guys
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