New PSU no display, revert back to old, working ok

long story short:
original setup: -biostar g31 MB
7600gt card, 4g ram, 480 psu orion. everything working fine, got a new card HD5830 and new power supply rocketfish 500W 80+ certified and I get no display, tried my old 7600gt with the new PSU no display, put my old psu all ok (with 7600gt) (old psu dont have enought power connectors for the hd5830) does any one knows what could be causing this, even just changing the psu gave me no display ??
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  1. never heard about rovketfish PSU before but if the PSU does not work even with your older card (7600GT) that's very likely your new PSU is broken. get a new one and it is better to go for reputable brand such as corsair or antec
  2. There are some PSUs that won't work with older mobos. You may need to check with the PSU suppliers for your specific mobo model.

    When looking for a new PSU you can get objective test reviews of specific models from or, Tom's as the quality of PSUs can vary by model even of the same brand.
  3. rma psu
  4. Thanks for the quick anwsers, The rocketfish 500W is from Best buy and brand new, I got it to test because I coulnd wait for my corsair 650TX that is on the way (hopefully it will work, this why im asking question is to not get the suprise that it will no show any display), Im returning the rocket fish anyways, what version of ATX am I looking for?? I got a biostar g31 m7 te V6.4/6.5, pretty standard mobo.

    every thing fires up, lights, fans, gpu fans, harddrive, just no video signal with the new or old card
  5. Update is I got it working, I had 2 brand of Ram seems they wouldnt work togeter, installing only one or the other, in any of the 2 slots works fine now.

    Thanks group
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