I have the iris 8 motherboard that has a socket am2, I want to know if a socket fm1 (AMD A6-3500 Llano 2.1GHz (2.4GHz Max Turbo) Socket FM1 65W Triple-Core Desktop APU (CPU + GPU) with DirectX 11 Graphic AMD Radeon HD 6530D AD3500OJGXBOX) would fit since it has the same power usage as my dual core 4450e processor, which I have overclocked from 2.3 to 2.7
now it runs mass effect 3 at high res and all like clock work, and battlefield 3 and the new games just fine but wanted to know for the extra cpu muscle.
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  1. cannot use a socket FM1 CPU in an AM2 socket motherboard.
  2. it has to be the same Socket. am2-fm1 incompatible
  3. Compatibility has nothing to do with power usage, but rather the pins that connect the CPU to the motherboard. Each configuration is called a socket. Socket FM1 does not have a compatible configuration with Socket AM2, so you cannot put an FM1 processor in an AM2 socket.
  4. thats what I thought, but everytime I look it up it doesnt tell me other than am2 am2+ am3 so thats why I wanted to know, I want to upgrade my computer or just get a new rig but when I saw the cpu for 70.00 and at 65 watts for a triple core, I just wanted to be sure. I put in alot in this computer and it runs great but I want to upgrade.
  5. also how are the apu vs the cpus?
  6. If its running mass effect 3 a t high res then you must have a decent graphics card already so I would look up the cpu support list for your motherbd and just upgrade the cpu you have. Odds are it will support many of the phenom II's which is a better processor than the one on the AMD APU's. The APU's have decent graphics but you already have why buy a gpu twice. My opinion for what its worth.
  7. I have the zotac gts 250 512mb at 256bit interface pcie 16x dvi
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