Z77 Asrock Extreme 4 won't boot to windows with USB connected

Hi all,

I just finished my new rig but i have the following problem;
When i boot the pc with any kind of usb plugged in it freezes at the Asrock logo.LED shows A2
The only way to boot it is by holding down the reset button or boot it without any USB.

I7- 3770K
Asrock Z77 extreme 4 (latest bios installed)
SSD drive
dvd drive
PSU: Zalman 660w

Any advice is welcome.


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  1. ok he now just gave a 63 error without any USB....

    please help
  2. Check in BIOS / Boot menu and set the HDD/SSD as the 1st boot device (in case the Removable drive is the 1st one).
  3. Ssd is 1st boot device
  4. Try updating the BIOS, if new version available.
  5. ASRock USB3 and Asrock's 3rd party(Marvell) SATAIII tend to flip out a lot.

    The only fix at this point really is to disable the 3rd party SATA and all USB3.

    search around, tons of people are having the same problem.
  6. Ok thanks darkspartenwa.

    I googled a bit on your search terms and found some info.

    Could you please explain a bit what 3rd party sata is and how do i disable it.
    USB3 i can disable in bios.
  7. If the usb device attached is an external hdd or other storage device then this could impact on the PC starting up especially if your bios has an option for other devices at boot up. Disable option for other devices (if listed).

    Make sure that the hdd is the first boot option and that it is also the boot priority (sometimes shown as two different options in the bios).

    I'm a bit dubious with the 660 watts PSU especially for an I7 motherboard, 720 watts would have been preferred (in my opinion).

    Your ram might be the cause of the error, what brand/speed/type?

    Also, what video card brand/model?
  8. RAM Corsair Vengenance LP 2x 8 GB
    Videocard: MSI GTX660 TF 2 gb
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