Upgrading Xfire 4850's to 6870?

Is it worthwhile to upgrade my 4850's to a 6870? I game at 1680x1050 and 1920x1080 (I have a tri monitor setup) depending on what games I can crank the eye candy up on said resolutions. And since I have three monitors on my desk, I need to have a videocard setup that can support 3 monitors. I am not sure if I can run three monitors off of one 6870.
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  1. do intend to play games with 3 monitors (eyefinity)? if yes it is better to at least get 6950 with 2GB of memory. if you play only with one monitor 6870 should be plenty for 1920x1080.
  2. I am only going to game with one monitor. I use the other two when I am doing class work and really have no interests in eyefinity. I was thinking 6950 1GB, but the added $60 cost premium doesn't seem to justify 5-8 frames a second, IMO. On a side note, I just fired up BF3 and can really only play with medium settings. Will probably install 11.10 preview driver to see if it gets any better.
  3. You will notice the difference. A friend of mine went from Crossfire 5770's to a 6850 and the jump is pretty nice and worth it.(the 5700's are = to the 4850's) Since you are going for a 6870 would be even better hope this helps.
  4. Thanks for the input fellas. I went ahead and purchased this one:


    Minus the MiR, promo code, $10 worth of newegg giftcards I found, and what I should be able to sell my 4850's for, I should only be in $40-$60 for the upgrade when all is said and done. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me not to mention I will have a DX11 card, too.
  5. A nice choice let us know how you like it.
  6. So far, so good and I am satisfied with my purchase. Went from medium in BF3 to Ultra settings (minus AA) @ 1680x1050 and get between 40-60 frames a second. I tried some other games such as metro 2033 and was able to crank up the settings much further than with the dual 4850's. I was even able to play GTA 4 without any serious hiccups with the graphics on high. The extra 512mb of memory, I believe, really helps separate the two sets of cards as well as driver support. I don't feel that the older 4XXX series really gets anything new in the form of driver support. Thanks again fellas.
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