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Hi i bought this gaming computer for my son and the first day we had it it worked good but kept turning off by itself, so the man that built it said i need a new power cord he put that in, we went home and it started again going off by itself. But this time it wouldnt come on anymore, took it back to him and he said i needed a power supply that only worked for the computer got that, he also said he had to replace the mothorboard due to us not having this plugged in by itself on the power supply. Got the new powercord worked for a couple of daysand now it is doing the same thing again going on and off and now it wont come again at all. I now nothing of computers but if I pay for a another mothorboard what will stop this from happening again. Anybody have any ideas please help. Thanks
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  1. You should break that guys legs and have him pay, sounds like he seriously swindled you.

    It may be overheating.
    Download this :

    And post the results here.
  2. how long has the guy been in biz..if i was you i return the unit for your money back if he cant find the problem. i would try a pc diags burn it or test program.
    also if you can i would open your case and see the band and wattage of your power supply. cheap power supply when they fail are known to burn out mb. when you build a gaming rig you have to make sure you build for heat and power for the video card.
    if you dont the pc can reboot/shut down from over heating or just lock ups. one thing i would do to rule out power in your house is move the pc to another wall outlet.. also if you can take film of the system crashing..not working. hopeful you can get a full refund..hopefully you wont need to take the guy to small claims court.
  3. Probably a low wattage Power Supply unit. Without knowing what you got, I'd suggest at least 650 watts PSU.
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