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Hey guys,

I was down stairs yesterday and the lights flashed for a sec and i had a feeling something went wrong with my comp, My 3 y/0 son was playing a game on it and when i went up there my comp was off and my son asked me what happened.

I pressed the power button and it turned on and then off after a few seconds.

I took everything apart and cleaned it. Turned it back on minus 1 of the Gfx cards, ( I have sli ) and it turns on but i dont get any beep like normal, and the screen never turns on, The HDD light stays a stale green, I dc'd the HDD and tried to boot again with a different gfx card and the same thing, the hdd light stays stale, no beeps, no boot.

Any idea's?

Using Vista 32.
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  1. I got it working, Forgot to try and switch out and aound the Ram, tried it with minus 1 stick oriinally and still wouldnt boot and switched them around, then tried a diff set and got it to boot with 1 of the sticks but not the other, so then I put the original ram in again 1 by 1 just to see again and it booted with both this time? so i put back in the 2nd gfx card and it tries to power on and dies, I didnt bother trying to switch them around, so i figure something either happened with the psu or the other card, or the pci slot, I dont care which atm as long as i can game again. Thanks anyway though.
  2. Do both cards work individually? If so, I'm thinking PSU, and you should get a new one.
  3. power supply got a power surge go with kajala answer. do you have a power bar to protect the mobo
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