Doubt with notebook Wc3

hi guys,

here is the thing, i recently bougth to a friend of mine a notebook, just to play poker and other easy things. i have it allready for 3 weeks but just untill now i tried to lan with a friend and play some Wc3. but the pc works so slow even at the smallest config: everything low, and 640*480. I just downloaded the last driver for the video card (dedicated) but it still runs like *** :(

i got some images showing what i got in the nb

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

so basicly 3g of ram, a dual cora, and the simple card... wouldnt that be enough to run wc3 at least at its lowest config?

i got win7 32 bits.

thnx for the help ;)
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  1. Hi Source,

    You do meet the system requirements for Wc3 it should run fine since it is an old game. When you play, are you on battery, or plugged in? Your notebook could be in power save mode, which would throttle your performance.

    Do you know how to check your power settings?
  2. hi blade, thnx for replaying.

    Thats the thing i know i have more than enough to run the game, but still i was giving me some trouble to play.. in action i would get extremely slow.

    Yesterday i did something that really improved my system performance... i disabled all the pretty things of windows 7 and it now has that classic look... i set windows 7 to maximize its performance. The change was great... but i still think that shouldnt be necesary with the system ive got.

    I only play when the notebook is plugged, and about the power mode i put it a couple of days ago (before i started playing) in high performance.

    ive also used ccleaner but i couldnt really notice an improve.

    thnx for the help

    Any other thoughts?
  3. Ok, I have a couple more questions for you to help me figure out what the problem is:

    Does your laptop heat up when you play?

    When you play, is it online or local?

    Are you able to run the game at the same time as task manager, to see if anything else is using a lot of your system resources?
  4. well the laptop doesnt hit that much pretty normal and it woudlnt matter if it was online or just soloing. i havent check the task manager ill do it and i let you know.

    I dont know what happened but i had another problem and it fix by it self i dont know how xD

    when i oppened wc3 for the first time and untill yesterday the game will look like a squared screen even though the laptop is wide, and will leave the sides of the screen black. also i couldnt configure the game to the screen resolution.. like i had only avaible the 3 classics 640 800 and 1024 and today when i oppened i wasnt only full screen but also with all the resolutions available for the screen.

    Any ideas why xD or how did it got solved?
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