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I have been looking at building a new computer, I am on a bit of a budget so I'm off with AMD. I am looking at 990FX motherboards but what I am unsure about is the UEFI "bios". It is not clear to me whether the UEFI sits on top of the standard bios, and if it does will this not increase boot times? I may be running linux i haven't decided yet. any suggestions?
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  1. UEFI in Most cases is way faster then standard BIOS, how its implemented depends on the manufacture in question
    "i say most cases as i have come across one case which is the opposite"

    So you should be fine running linux on it
  2. Hi kitsunestarwin,
    Thanks for the reply, I am looking at a Asrock Extreme4 motherboard. I am not too familiar with which motherboard manufacturers are most reliable, do you (or anyone else) know of any issues with Asrock or more specifically this board?
  3. I'd say that Gigabyte boards are more reliable. That is also one of their selling points, "Ultra Durable." Gigabyte use more metal in their boards than other manufacturers. Their dual BIOS is a great too and makes for easy and safe BIOS updates.
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